Nuri Bon


Chef, Owner, and Entreprenuer, originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, Nuri has more than 10 years experience working as a professional chef. She specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine but her creativity and knowledge is limitless. Learning from her mother and grandmother from a young age, imparting flavors from Mexico as well as Spain, her love of food and creating delicious experiences is felt in every dish. 

In her time calling Sayulita her home, she has become a critical part of the community. From running the weekly organic farmers market, befriending farmers, fishermen and vendors alike, to being the top chef for healthy and nutritious yoga retreats at one of the most recognized retreat centers in town, Hotelito Los Sueños.


Nuri has worked with many of the best chefs in Mexico, from small traditional cafes to the largest resorts, including La Habichuela, one of the oldest and best restaurants in Cancun.  She has brought all of these influences together to create unique, gourmet dishes that respect and honor the deep culinary traditions of Mexico, earning her the title of  Best Private Chef in Sayulita in 2014.


Using local and organic ingredients she offers a modern take on traditional dishes as well a new fusion to satisfy the growing number vegetarians and vegans.


In her spare time aside from enjoying the beautiful Nayarit scenery, water sports and weather, she can be found gardening, fishing, making various cheeses, sausages and assorted goodies,. On her days off you can find Nuri tending to her full house of dogs, cats, chickens all while fighting for animal rights and rescuing more than a few animals, whether adopting or helping them find forever homes. 


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